The Sunset

Hey there Aliens! I’m back.. probably it’s been awhile since I last updated you guys with all the happenings with my life good to be back tho *wink*

If you guys remember twas 2 years ago I posted an entry here on my blog about me being hired and Starting my training in Startek Angeles (“Fundamental Skills Training”), It was January 20th of 2016. STARTEK Angeles taught me a lot of things not just about work and also about life, I got to meet and share memories with awesome people which becomes friends and people which becomes like a family to me, I even found  the love of my life in this place! akalain mo yun hahahaha! 2 years seems long enough but not when we heard the sad news that our account or LOB (Line of Business) is being pulled out by the clients. When people heard the news most of them started to send their resignations in order to look for another job, but others like me decided to wait till the end oh diba loyal? dapat my loyalty award kame e hahahaha! 

Then August 1, 2018 came who would ever think that my first day of the week will also be my last day at work it was just a normal Wednesday shift until people from night shifts are doing a count down before they log out that’s when it started to sink in to me/us that few hours away its also gonna be our last day and last call for the account. Funny thing is that I was the one who take the last call so while I’m finishing the last call I was surrounded by my team and they were all clapping and shouting I even told my customer it was my last day lol and at that point there.. it’s officially the Sunset, Oh I even got a 500pesos Gift certificate on our closing party that night because of that! hahahaha!

“The Last Warrior to take the last call” ~CSM Japs

August 3, 2018 3rd day  of being an unemployed mix feeling of happy and sad at the same time. Sad because I miss all the people in the office may “Sepanxsabi ng nila. Happy, because I got a time to rest for now after more than 2 years of taking calls.

It was an Honor working with amazing people in Startek Angeles, Thanks to our  cool and amazing Bosses, TLs, CSR2s and agents like me.. Thank you for the memories we all had shared, See you guys around! xoxo :*

gdoming16 (3010143) now signing off…




Your Smile



I never knew this would ever happened
I was not looking for love but I found you
I looked at you and my heart flew high
I saw you smile and it captured my heart

A boy, so caring and gentle;
With a heart so true
You are the sun that shines my day
You are the moon that shimmers my nights

I want you, only you.
You are my soulmate, my bestfriend and my lover
I love you, FOREVER.
You are the best thing the ever happened to me

~Geraldine R.D

She’s Hard to Love

She’s not perfect like nobody’s perfect, she have her own flaws.. But the thing is from the day that you decided and asked her to be yo gurl you also accepts everything about her, She’ll get mad at you for little things and will not tell you right away because she wants you to know what you did wrong but don’t get mad at her because of that just make sure to talk to her even tho she does not wanna talk to you maybe she just misses you so much that everything irritates her? Or maybe it’s almost or it’s time of the month for her.. She will have mood swings like one moment she’s laughing then she’ll be angry and then sad like crazy, She’ll get jealous sometimes if there are other girls surrounding you, there’s a lot of things that she don’t know especially the things that she wants like where she wants to eat, where she wants to go and what she wants to do, all she wanna do is do what you wanna do as long as she’s spending the time and the day with you she’s fine with it if possible spend 24hours with you because she was never sure of what she wants and all she knows is that the only thing that she is sure of what she want is YOU and she love you so much.

There will be times where in she will not talk at all unless you talk to her but don’t get mad at her because of that maybe she just had a bad day at work or something not happened for the day, Sometimes she’ll be emotional and will cry about your little fights but you need to understand that she’s just simply like that and don’t get mad at her because of that because she is just afraid to lose you, she gets hurt easily, she eats a lot like a pig, she sleeps a lot, she’s too shy like it will be super hard for her to have a confidence in meeting you parents, family or friends because maybe she thinks that she’s not good enough for you or maybe they will not like her.. don’t get mad at her because of that she definitely knows how important these people are to you and you also needs to know that she’s trying her best to get all the confidence that she can get here on earth and tell herself to say yes whenever you ask her to meet your friends or family.

Most of the time She’ll be difficult to understand especially with the things that she’s doing, she gets up upset easily, sometimes she’ll expect too much from you or from people, she overthinks too much, I know she’s definitely not you dream gurl or the type of girl that you wanna marry, she does not have a sweet and charming voice, she does not have that pretty looking face, She can’t give you everything, She can buy you expensive gives even tho she would really love to, She’s gonna be afraid with a lot of things so don’t get mad at her if she does not wanna do something and just be there for her and be her confidante, She will always want your attention everyday.. every hour.. every minute.. every seconds.. every mili seconds so don’t get mad at her if she wants to be with you everyday the kind of attention that you don’t give to others but only to her.

Don’t get mad at her if she doesn’t wanna give you a hug or a kiss at a certain moment it does not mean that she don’t like kissing you or hugging you maybe she’s just not in the mood for it and don’t make it a basis if she loves you or not think about all the things that she’s been doing for you because she loves you so much.. in the first place why the hell she’d say YES to be your girl if she doesn’t love you so much, Boy never ever question her love for you because of those things.. from the day and moment that She decided to say yes to be your girl that means she wanna spend the rest of her life with you, She wants to be her first and last,maybe not forever but a lifetime.. So never ever say or do a thing that will hurt her so much because you’ll will never know what does she really feel, for all the things that you promised her when you still courting her please make sure you do as you promised and last thing NEVER EVER GET TIRED OF HER..

She will be hard to love and she knows it but if you really love someone you will never get tired of them or what they do.

So please.. Take care of your girl Boys, you need to make sure that you always try to win her heart even tho you already did you will never know how thankful and blessed they are that you came to her life.

Vista Tala, Bataan Adventure

Hey there again Aliens! here I am again sharing with you my 2nd Adventure before the year ends with Kevin and this time it’s was in A Beautiful Sanctuary in Bataan: Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park.

November 17-18, 2017
It was one of those moments that I’m gonna cherish forever as the saying goes by “one for the book” or I must day “one for the blog” hahahaha! So yeah it was November and the year was about to end when Babe and I decided to go out of town just the two of us and to get away with stress at work and some time together alone which I always love, there were a lot of places on the internet that we actually saw some are beach resorts and I guess this is one of the best place we saw I also read some reviews on the internet before I decided to go and choose this place and I asked some other bloggers for feed backs about the place and if this place was worth it and luckily I got some answers from few which they said that I won’t ever regret choosing Vista Tala over Beach, which I think that they are right! It was so relaxing and the view was awesome and perfect! It’s feels like it washed out all of my stress away and yung feeling na ang gaan and sarap lang sa pakiramadam feeling? So quiet and peaceful!


You’ll definitely enjoy the view from their infinity pool!




We also went River trekking it’s super fun tho it’s tiring coz it’s a bi far from where we stayed but worth it!





Baguio Adventure

Hey there Aliens I’m back again!! hahaha.. So yeah I am back like literally back from a short and not so planned vacation yesterday with mi amore (medyo biglaan din kase hahaha), finally! My first ever trip to the City of Pines!!! After my twenty one years of existence here on earth.. Finally, ariel happened to me! chos! hahahahaha nah kidding aside, me and Kevin along with tl Rayan just came back from a short vacay in Baguio, twas indeed a super well spent weekend tho twas a really long drive kangawit sa pwet kakaupo teh! hahahaha but it’s worth it anyway so okay lang mangawit ang pwet. Twas was Friday October 06, 2017 when went straight to baguio after our shift that day luckily they were able to file a Saturday and Sunday leave for me even tho we are not allowed to file a leave on weekends, we arrived at the hotel to check in at around 8pm, there were some stop overs and the tire got flat so they needed to changed tires that’s why we arrived longer than usual I think.. After we checked in and put our things in the room then rest for like 10mins then went down since tl needs to go home and us were hungry so he dropped us in Good taste which I think one of the famous places where you can eat in Baguio which is how many steps away from our hotel sanang nilakad nalang namin diba? hahahaha then after we ate we went back to the hotel to rest and take a bath coz supposed to be me and Kevin will go to the Night Martket that night but after I took a bath guess what? Yass if you guess it right tinulugan ako! So I just watched Bubble gang instead since matagal na din naman since the last time I watched it.. Then I went to sleep na din since we need to wake up early the next day coz we’re going to Pugo Adventures in La Union (PUGAD) with tl and his fam for a quick side trip for me and Kevin which were not prepared at all! hahahaha 😂


We woke up early as planned around 5am took a bath gladly the hotel had hot water coz if not baka yung ligo ko 1..2..3 lang hahahaha! Char!! then we went down at around six to eat buffet breakfast to full our tummies so we’ll be ready for the day, after we ate breakfast while waiting for TL we went and walked to Burnham Park by the way the weather was like 18 to 19 degrees C so It’s cold that you need to make sure you have jacket but not that cold tho, What I love there is that there are lots of people who’s doing Zumba Kids,Teens, Middle ages and oldies like every corner or should I say every part of Burnham Park there’s even like a group of oldies who’s doing Tai Chi and they are great! hahahaha and syempre makakalimutan ba naten ang famous STRAWBERRY TAHO of baguio it’s sooooooo good!! there’s like chunks of strawberries at the top then after we’re done walking around and taking some pictures in Burnham Park we went back to the Hotel again to wait for tl to pick us up and he arrived together with his cutie patootie babies Little Y and Big Y hahahaha I forgot their name Kevin calls them that so I got used to calling them Little and Big Y too hahahahaha! 😂


Eto na ngaaaaa a little side trip to La Union thanks to TL and her Wife.. Me and Kevin were not prepared at all for this! Come to think of this.. We are going to Baguio so what do you think are the type of clothes that we brought? And there we are in PUGAD it’s like a Resort with some type of outdoor activities.. hahahahaha But, I honestly enjoyed it so much! especially the Zipline and ATV tho Kevin tried to convince me in doing the highest zipline there in PUGAD but I really can’t coz it’s too high, it’s not that I’m afraid of heights but deyyyyyym It’s too high that I thought what if the zip line stops in the middle? What if maputol yung wire? those kind of scenarios praning lang diba? hahahahaha So we just did the Tandem Zip line which is not that high compared to the one tht he likes and the ATV ride we even have pictures that’s like a mini poster which I posted in my room.😊

Night Market

After we got back from PUGAD we took our rest and we slept until around 8:30pm so that we could eat and go to night market, we went for a walk going to the night market which is jam packed of people which I believed most of them are tourists too we walked from end to end of the night market.. The good thing in Night market is there are variety of street food that you can choose from snacks, totobits, rice, mami (noodles), etc. If ever you will go to here make sure to go like 1hour or 2hours before closing it’s less people and the items are cheaper, that’s what they said and I wish I have known that when we were there anyways there’s always a next time.


Last day! So yeah again we woke up so early kahit ayoko pa talaga bumangon hahahahaha kase naman sarap matulog no ay nako! Hahahahaha So yeah since it was our last day we made sure that sinulit namin yung last day we went to.. 

Wright Park, The Mansion and Mines View Park

Alright time to meet the famous Dogs of Baguio!!! Which most of them are in Wright Park we were able to take a picture with one of the St.Bernards there and his name is SKY he’s so big and I wanted to take him home!! 🐶 them went to The Mansion to take some pictures 😊 The fun thing there is we went horseback riding which is my first time (Achievement unlocked!! Hahahaha) twas so amazing coz’ Kuya tour guide let us controll the horses by ourselves which made it more fun, when we arrived in Mines View Park there’s a lot of people out there, well not just there but I think in all the places that we’ve been to.. The view was really good and relaxing at the same time we didn’t really stayed there that long just took some pictures then we went and bought some pasalubongs for the fam and the team.. after we went back to the hotel to get our things and time to go home but wait there’s more makakalimutan ba namin ang Lion’s Head?? Had to stop over just to take pictures with the Famous Lion’s head 😊… I must say 2days was not enough but twas worth it and super duper fun!!!! ❤️

And there Aliens!! Our first ever Traventure with mon amour 💑 “Baguio Adventure” twas indeed unforgettable thanks Babe for bringing me here.. to more Traventures with you!! I LOVE YOU! 💕 hahahahahaha!!! Look who enjoyed posing for the camera ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Happy 1st Monthsary, Babe. 

Everytime you asked me why it’s you, why I love you? I honestly don’t know what to answer and I’m becoming so speechless and my only answer would always be “Yes” “Oo” tho it’s not an open ended question hahahahaha and “basta,kase I love you” that’s it, all I know is words can’t express how I feel about you. The day you came into my life was the day I knew I was blessed. You make me feel so secure and safe always when you hold my hands, When I’m with you, time flies so fast but the passing of time no longer matters, when I already miss you  even tho we just parted, The way you make me laugh because of you corny jokes and banats, the way you make my heart skip a beat when you put your lips into mine and the warmth of your hugs, the way you look deeply into my eyes and the way you look at me even tho I’m not lookin at you (may mata kase ako sa gilid and likod ko hahahahaha) , thinking about these things not only puts a smile on my face but also on my heart. I never expected this coming because all I know is I was enjoying everything by myself watching my fav movies, eating, sitting in silence, singing along with my fav songs, going to the in everything, but I never knew these every little things that I am doing is better when I’m doing it wit you and when I’m with you I feel me..the real me I’m not afraid to show my true self my weird and crazy self, just like the song “🎶 I like me better when I’m with you..🎶”  I love you and look forward the memories we’ll be creating together #worththewait.. HAPPY 1ST MONTH BABE!! and to many many more months, and years to come.  😍💕

Ps. Thank you so much sa pasurprise nakakainis ka you never failed to surprise me. I £0v3 ü ph0wz t0 th3 m00n @nd β@ck hahahahaha 😊😘

The Sunday Currently |11|

Here we go TSC, it’s been a while now since my last TSC entry and here I am again.. how’s your Sunday everyone? I hope everyone’s doing fine just like I do tho I am having back and headache right now due to lack of sleep and rest if ya’ll read my last post you’ll know why, but yeah so far I am able to get enough sleep now (more than 2 hours of sleep mga 4hours na ganun hahahaha 😂) since we brought mama home last wednesday atleast here there are no nurses who keeps on coming in every hour or two that’s why I can sleep straight.. but anyway so here you go my Sunday Currently for this day *wink*


Nah just the Chat thread of team japz na napakahaba hahahahaha, some article about what food can help lower down blood pressure for mama and also some tweets on twitter.

I am writing my Sunday Currently entry right now and tryna do multi tasking while eating and watching TV.

Tell me it’s okay by Gnash (well basically Gnash playlist :)), If ya’all wonderin who’s Gnash well you’re missin it you should listen to his songs like all of his song it’s so soulful and ugh Idk can’t explain it,I just love listening to his songs eyy #eargasm

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… That’s what I am thinking.

The oil that I put on mama’s legs while I am massaging her, and the oil kinda have a weird smell that I can’t explain.

Right now my wish is good health for my family lalo na kay Papa because I know he’s super tired for the past week and also a fast recovery for mama tho we are actually seeing a fast recovery from her which is a good thing, I hope she can walk real soon because she wants to walk now gawwwwd mama is the type of person who can’t stand doing nothing at home hahahaha, and we’re going back to the Hospital on Tuesday so I am wishing that everything is already good for her especially the bleeding in her brain.

I am wearing my T-mobile shirt now partnered with my pambahay mint green short.

Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes but it’s the only thing that I know when it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes It is the only thing that makes us feel alive hahahahahahaha 😂 🎶

to go somewhere where I can sleep the whole day as in no interruption or anything.

SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, RESSSSSSSSSSSSSST and EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT (capslock para intense hahahaha) well a lot of people says I lost weight and I think I did look at my wrist gawwwwwd as per ate Ruth Jacob’s (her 1-year old son) hands are fatter than mine hahahahaha

feeling super thankful not only me but my family and relatives because God never left me and my family (I know he never will) He guided mama and my family all through out, he gave enough strenght to mama so she can fight and recover so fast from her stroke.. felling thankful that she did not take mama from us because c’mon what happened is super duper life threatening.. so yeah super duper thankful and blessed. Oh and sleepy at the same time so imma sleep after this post 🙂


The Worst Thing

Hey guys.. Been busy lately and something unexpected just happened 2days ago that shook our family and friends, It’s 2:00am right now only got like an hour or two of sleep and haven’t got any good sleep for the past few days,  I’m here right now outside the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) sitting in the waiting area right infront of this white tinted door where there’s no way you can see what’s happening inside wondering if mama is awake already or still sleeping inside but I heard mama sneezed so I bet she’s awake but can’t see her until the visiting hours tho which is 9am-10am isn’t horrible? But, what’s worst than seeing your dear Mama inside the ICU laying on a hospital bed can’t speak and with tube host and oxygen inserted in her nose and wearing adult diapers which she really hates? I know y’all would agree with me because damn who would have want to see their parents suffering like that?! *I’m not crying* 

(ICU waiting area)This was our home for the past 3days..this is where we eat, sit the whole day and sleep.

So yea maybe y’all wondering too what happened 2days ago and why mama is in the ICU.. Here you go 2 days go June 21st just the day after her birthday which is June 20th imagine that? Mama got stroke I mean not the mild one but the life threatening one as per Dr. Pamintuan her Doctor, It happened in the morning at our house I’m not around tho coz I’m at work that time.. It’s already end of my shift the team was about to go out for lunch at Pizza hut that day and super excited because I just got back from a different sched I missed my team mates so much and pizza duh! I love pizza hahahahaha and I was actully planning on going to the mall too to buy her a gift for her birthday coz I wasn’t able to buy any gift yet..then I grab  my phone and I saw messages and missed calls from my Sister, kuya, cousin and auntie I was like “anong meron?”*confused face 😕* coz I have’t read the messages yet and when I opened it baaaaam! I was standing there then parang bigla akong nanghina and napaupo what I read was these “Te da diretso kang amc dinala namin si mama”dada nasan ka? dinala si mama mo sa ospital” and then this which made me weak “inatake daw si auntie mabeth! Kontakin mo auntie lyn” bcoz that’s where I was like “what the fuck?” so then I told ate lou that can’t go with them because of the news amd that’s where my tears started to fall and I run to the elevator while waiting I started crying and they were like “don’t worry too much” “don’t cry maybe it’s not that bad”God is always good” I was planning on taking the stairs but it’s 5th floor hahahaha while in the elevator Ate Ivy offered to take me to the hospital since she have scooter and of course I said yes coz I’m really in a rush, I entered the hospital and someone’s calling my name from the side and then I saw mami, kuya and gerald with their faces looking so sad and tulala and they told me mama was in the ER (emergency room) with Papa and gellie so I went inside the ER and they were about to bring her to the ICU and I was like what the hell do they need to put her in the ICU? I have some kind of a trauma when it comes to ICU because before when one of my aunt who died from leukemia actually died in ICU and I saw people from the ICU before whose dying already so It was set on my mind that people who are put on the ICU is already on a worst condition that’s why I worried so much about mama because my biggest fear aside from me dying is losing my parents I mean We all do I guess.. *fast forward* We are all waiting outside the ICU me, Papa, Gellie, Gerald, Kuya and mami for an update and while sitting their there was this flash back of memories (it’s like in the movies) and I regret why I did not said goodbye and did a goodbye kiss to her that day before going to work which I always do whenever I go somewhere to both of my parents, I regret that sometimes I dont response back to her when she talks to me, I regret that we sometimes have fought about small things like her eating my food, using my phone, getting some money on my wallet etc without my permission, I also hate myself for not buying her a gift on the day of her birthday itself.. It felt like I was the worst daughter ever  and that I started crying again like my tears won’t stop falling from my eyes I was just starring at the floor the whole time *I’m not crying right now promised* It’s still 2pm or 3pm that day we are waiting for the Doctor to come to read the CT Scan for us and also for us to see mama inside the ICU, It was 5pm (visiting hours) the nurses called us to come inside tho only two at a time are allowed of course.. and that’s the first time I saw my mama like that, that’s why when I saw her it broke my heart so much that I can’t stop my tears especially when she tried to speak and move her hands and legs which she can’t that day (she’s crying that she can’t) I didn’t want her to see me crying but I really can’t stop it I just told her “pagaling ka ma ha para uuwi na tayo, wag ka masiyado magalala magagalaw mo din yan pahinga ka lang muna” then I saw her tears falling on the sides of her eyes which broke my heart more and more.. She was inside the ICU for like 3days and yesterday (June 23, 2017 Friday) was a good news for us and for mama her Doctor, Dr.Pamintuan had a word with me inside the ICU and she told me that mama can now be transfered to a regular room which we are so happy about because we will be able to see her the whole day now unlike in the ICU just a 2 hours a day visit and We are able to take care of her more inside the room. 

That’s mama and papa (their usual thing papa’s making jokes😂)

The good news is mama is feeling better and better everyday she can speak clearer now, she can shake her body especially her hands and legs, she’s laughing now and guess what? She’s always looking for food! Hahahahaha which is a good thing tho she can’t eat hard foods yet just soft ones.. just this morning (June 24, Saturday) she woke up early and said a word “Ang gaan na ng pakiramdam ko ngayon” which gave me and papa so much relief to hear those words so I must say is God is really good as always just never lose faith mama’s having a fast recovery and as per her Doctor if everything will be stable for the coming days she can be discharged already!!! we miss her at home and we miss her talking a lot!!  *happy dance* 

P.s. Thank you to all our relatives and friends who sent their prayers for my mama’s fast recovery, those people who showed their care and love through texts, facebook.. not only for my mama but also for me.. appreciate everything guys! I wanna hug you call if I can ❤️ and in behalf of mama thank you all!! She’s getting better and better now. 😊🙏🏻


Happy 21st Birthday, Self.

Hello there, I know this is already a late post but who cares care bears? better late than never  hahahahaha! 😂 So yeah.. First of all, I want to greet you a Happy 21st Birthday syempre and congratulations for surviving 21years of your exsistence in Earth!! (Lakas maka alien?) hahahahaha, second I wanna tell you that you’re so beautiful hahahahaha! Chos! Nah since this is your day ika nga nila “pagbigyan” yeah you are. I hope you enjoyed your Birthday celebration which I believe you did because you celebrated another year of your exsistence with your family and friends (a little catching up too;) I always wish you have a good health coz “health is wealth” always hahahaha! My wish for you is to reach all your goals in life which I know you have a lot, I wish for you na sana tumangkad ka kahit konti pa mga 5’4 ganun but since you’re already 21 I don’t think you will #namamagasa hahahahaha! 😂🙈 Just keep on being your real self always, never think of what people will think about you and do whatever makes you happy.. as I’ve said before you’re doing great right now I know that your parents are very proud of you just don’t ever change yourself and always be thankful of what you have right now.

Ps. I love you to the moon and back! XOXO😘😘 


Alright there we go another year for me, 21 years of existence here on Earth so far I was able to survived everything and many more years to come! *Happy dance*